It’s long been believed that the enjoyment of biting into a succulent burger is ruined by a hidden slice of tomato. However, new research from Asda this National Burger Day (August 22) finds that only 20% of people in the UK are likely to remove tomato from their burger, with burger-lovers just as likely to pick-out the lettuce or scrape-off the ketchup.

Whilst tomatoes have always been considered a divisive burger topping, the research reveals we in the UK aren’t overly bothered when it comes to burgers, preferring to layer their lunch with as many ingredients as possible to ensure maximum flavour.

For the one in five that toss away the tomato, they cite disliking the taste (46%), tomato making the burger soggy (42%) and the texture of the toms (32%) the key reasons sweet ingredient should be left-off.

Millennials are also the most-particular about their burgers, with one third (33%) stating tomatoes should be removed, despite 85% saying tomato ketchup is a must-have.

When it comes to replacing the tomato with another tasty ingredient, bacon (26%), onion (11%), mushroom (10%) and extra cheese (10%) are the choice elements most people would opt-for to add the finishing touches to their burgers.

An Asda spokesperson comments: “We’re glad the UK are decorating their burgers with tomato – it adds an extra layer of texture and juiciness to the summer staple.

“Whether it’s a bun packed full of patties, or a tender vegan alternative, tomato really is a burger necessity that ensures an explosion of flavour in every mouthful.”

This National Burger Day, Asda is providing UK tomato lovers with several delicious tomatoes perfect for enjoying between cheese, lettuce, patties and mayo, including its Extra Special Vine-Ripened Tomatoes (£1.35/4pk) and the new Extra Special Goutini Beef Tomatoes. (£1/2pk)