Five Northern Irish firms succeed at Ice Cream Awards

Five Northern Ireland companies have achieved success in the
prestigious National Ice Cream Competition 2016, the results of
which were announced at the annual Ice Cream Expo in Harrogate.

The successful Northern Ireland companies include four ice cream
manufacturers and a producer of accessories such as wafers and
cones. The Northern Irish companies collected three silver medals
and a clutch of special diplomas and diplomas.

Together they collected 25 awards in the annual event which helps
shape trends in the national industry.

The award winning companies and their awards were:


Mauds Ice Cream, Carrickfergus, county Antrim
Silver Medal in Toffee
Silver Medal in Sorbet - Orange
Diploma in Artisan Ice Cream
Diploma of Merit in Continuous Ice Cream
Diploma of Merit in Raspberry Pavlova
Diploma in Sorbet - Lemon
Diploma in Chocolate
Diploma Coffee and Cookies
Diploma for Panetonne

Morelli's Ice Cream, Coleraine, county Derry
Silver Medal in Cookies
Special Diploma of Merit in Open Flavour Sorbet
Diploma of Merit in Artisan Ice Cream
Diploma of Merit, Continuous Ice Cream
Diploma in Continuous in Continuous Ice Cream
Diploma of Merit in Ice Cream Open
Diploma in Raspberry Pavlova
Diploma of Merit in Sorbet - Orange
Special Diploma of Merit Almond with Praline and Carmelised Praline

Mullins Ice Cream, Kilrea, county Derry
Diploma of Merit in Sorbet - Lemon
Diploma of Merit for Double Chocolate Hazelnut

Tickety Moo, Enniskillen, county Fermanagh
Diploma in Artisan Ice Cream
Special Diploma in Dairy Ice Cream Continuous
Diploma in Cookies in Chocolate
Diploma Wild Berries in Chocolate

Wafer Ltd, Derry, county Londonderry - Supply House - Hazelnut Diploma for Gelato.

The Ice Cream Expo is a unique expo showcasing a huge assortment of ice cream varieties together with its equipment and supplies. The show provides an unrivalled forum for suppliers, retailers, caterers and manufacturers of ice cream products.

The expo aims to encourage and support the production, vending and
consumption of premium quality ice creams and other frozen treats.
Ice Cream Expo also showcases the various machineries and equipment utilized by the ice cream industry. The event enjoys massive popularity among all the sections of the society and within all age groups.

Drawing such massive crowd the event provided the ideal opportunity to business to build brand images, create and optimize business
opportunities and launch new products.

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