New Northern Irish brewer makes a bang with first pale

Walled City Brewing, the first craft brewery in Londonderry, Northern Ireland's historic second city, has launched a new pale ale, Boom, to reflect the city's heritage.

The ale, developed by James Huey, a brewer by trade, takes its name from cannons which are a feature of the city's historic walls which date back to the 17thcentury and are now one of Northern Ireland's biggest tourism attractions. It's the first commercial brewery to be established in the city in more than a century.

Boom(ABV 4.2%) is brewed using American Amarillo hops for a tangy citrus aroma and flavour with a malty sweetness. The new beer, which Huey describes as a Derry Pale Ale, is available initially in 330ml bottles and is produced without preservatives. He plans to offer a keg option soon.

The craft brewery, among the first commercial enterprises at Ebrington Square, a former army base, plans a portfolio of products including a wheat beer and a chocolate stout soon.

The brewery has a 200 litre initial batch size, which Huey plans to expand in the near future. A number of fruit beers, such as apricot and sour cherry have also been produced on a limited edition and seasonal basis.

Huey, a former Diageo technical manager involved in breweries in Dublin and Dundalk, says: "My aim in setting up Walled City Brewing is to bring the craft beer revolution to Derry and to create products which reflect the history and traditions of one of the most important urban centres in Ireland.

"Derry, furthermore, is one of the last walled cities in Europe and is now among the most popular tourism centres in the British Isles. t makes business sense that the city should have its own craft brewery.

"I chose Boom as the name of our first beer because it reflects the city's history in the 17thcentury especially the cannons to be found on the walls. There was also a boom across the River Foyle during the siege back in 1690. My plan is to develop products based on aspects of the city's history. It will employ 10 people.

"The beers are being distributed locally initially and in time throughout Ireland. I am also keen to develop distribution outside Northern Ireland to Britain and further afield especially the US because of its historic links with Ireland."

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