Are you an employer who is actively recruiting ?

For Employers who are looking to recruit new staff, JobCentre Online (JCOL) is a website that will assist you achieve your goal.

An Employer can register with Employers Online and have their vacancies posted on JCOL the same day. This is a free service to all employers.

Employers can notify and manage their job vacancies online in a quick, easy and convenient way. As an employer you can enter job specifications, qualifications required, wage details and any other requirements specific to their vacancies, with the ability to manage their account online 24/7.

JCOL reaches a wide audience, advertising current job vacancies throughout Northern Ireland, as well as vacancies in the Republic of Ireland. The site is available for jobseekers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and is currently advertises on average 6500 positions per month across 20 different sectors.

Major recruitment opportunities are clearly highlighted to jobseekers in the latest news section of the website.

Registering with JobCentre Online allows jobseekers to apply for vacancies directly to employers by uploading and sending their CV or completed JobCentre application form online. Jobseekers can target their search for jobs in the sector they wish to work.

The JCOL platform supports both the posting of vacancies and the submissions of available applicants to assist/ match supply of workforce to meet the labour market demands.