Call for Applications for 2024 Lidl Kickstart Supplier Development Programme

Lidl’s Kickstart Supplier Development Programme is opening soon for applications for 2024.

Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland heroes local supply and quality and is looking for local applicants who want to showcase their quality produce on the shelves of over 200 stores on the island.  The programme is designed to give producers the opportunity to advance their product, brand, and business with dedicated support from Lidl experts along the way.

Running since 2017, the Lidl Kickstart Programme has supported over 150 local suppliers, has put over 600 products on shelves during limited offer promotions, and now has 9 products permanently listed in Northern Ireland from 5 Kickstart Programme alumni.

Applications are open from 8th February 2024. Successful applicants will participate on a development programme that is tailormade to inform and mentor producers on every step of working with a large retailer, and producers will then supply for a promotion in September.

Who can Apply

Lidl are looking forward to accepting applications from producers of food, near food and non-food, who are based on the island of Ireland.

How to Apply

Visit or scan the QR code and submit your details by 29th February 2024

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Want to know more?

Drop in and meet the Lidl team to learn more about the programme in Belfast on 13th February 2024!

Scan here by COB 8th February 2024 to register and the team will send you more details


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