£10m Limavady Irish Whiskey distillery gets planning approval

Limavady Irish Whiskey is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of planning permission for their new whiskey distillery in Magilligan. Representing a £10 million investment, this milestone will not only create 13 direct jobs and 12 indirect positions within the local community but also inject significant revenue into the area's economy. This initiative will particularly benefit local farmers and foster the development of a high-value ecosystem, anticipated to generate tens of millions of pounds for the Causeway Coast and Glens region.

With a production capacity of 3.5 million bottles annually, Limavady Irish Whiskey aims to cater to global markets, showcasing its award-winning product that has been garnering acclaim worldwide. Spearheading this endeavour is Darryl McNally, a luminary in the world of Irish whiskey and the visionary behind many iconic brands. After seven years of dedicated effort, McNally's dream of establishing a distillery in Limavady, where Sir Thomas Phillips was originally granted a whiskey distillery licence by King James I, has finally come to fruition.

The resurgence of Irish whiskey as the fastest-growing spirit category globally has been remarkable, with its roots tracing back to the United States. While major global Irish whiskey brands have played a pivotal role in this renaissance, Darryl McNally believes that the category is poised to reclaim its historical prominence, reminiscent of its heyday at the beginning of the 20th century when it rivalled Scotch whisky.

McNally extends his gratitude to his dedicated team, the local community and public representatives whose unwavering commitment has transformed his vision into reality. As Limavady Irish Whiskey embarks on this exciting new chapter, his professional team are prepared to tackle the challenges ahead with determination and enthusiasm.

For more information contact Darryl McNally 07912681440 or darrylmcnally@icloud.com