Whisky A Go Girl x Killowen Distillery Exclusive Single Cask Release

I am over the moon to announce my inaugural single cask release with the world-class Killowen Distillery in Ireland. My deep appreciation for single cask whiskey is no secret, and Irish whiskey is the liquid love of my life. To have those two worlds collide, and to be able to share it with you, is truly a dream come true.

Two years ago I had an opportunity to taste through a selection of Killowen experimental casks that Head Distiller and Founder Brendan Carty was working on, and I instantly knew there was something unique, yet exceptional being made. The quality of the spirit was unlike anything I had ever tasted, and the flavour compositions were out of this world. These were literal dream whiskies, each sip conjuring a flutter of emotions that I couldn't quite understand.

Since then I have been on a mission to get to the bottom of what makes these whiskies so special, and I believe it all comes down to love. Love for the craft, the people, the land. The story-telling that comes with the enjoyment of each bottle, the love of making something for the world that brings people together. When you couple that with the brilliant minds and talents of Brendan and his team, you get once in a lifetime whiskies, worthy of immense praise and admiration.

Over these few years, Brendan and the team at Killowen have continued to prove to the world that big things come in small packages, and that when whiskey is made with integrity and a whole lot of love, anything is possible. I hope that when you open this bottle and take that first sip, it reminds you that there is still a lot of magic in the world, with stories to be told and that big, wild and crazy dreams can come true.