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Currently one of the largest beef companies in Europe, slaughtering and processing in excess of 500,000 cattle and 1,000,000 lambs per year in the UK, (including over 7,000 organic and 20,000 angus cattle), ABP aims to be the preferred partner of multiple retailers, manufacturers and caterers in the supply of fresh and frozen meat and meat-based products.

Over the last decade, ABP has invested heavily in plant, facilities, machinery and people to ensure that the company can respond to the demands of its various market sectors including retail, foodservice and manufacturing. Significant recent investment in the retail packaging plants in Newry, Doncaster and Ellesmere has enabled ABP to facilitate future retail growth, whilst boasting some of the best equipment and machinery in the industry.

ABP's Foodservice Division utilizes the latest packaging technology and formats, which the company has developed specifically for the catering trade.

ABP have in place an integrated raw material supply system enabling ABP to procure from the UK and Ireland ensuring 100% traceability, high quality and full farm assurance at all times.ABP constantly strives to get the highest animal welfare standards.

Retail – From our production sites in Newry and Lurgan, ABP supplies the UK’s thriving retail market delivering frozen and fresh beef and lamb products to retail multiples and wholesalers in the form of primal cuts or consumer ready packs. ABP’s comprehensive range includes: mince, diced, sliced, steaks, roasts and joints.

Foodservice – ABP’s Foodservice Division is dedicated solely to delivering high quality beef and lamb products tailored to customer requirements in the catering sector across Europe. ABP has the ability to produce a full range of fresh and frozen beef and lamb products, fully traceable under recognised and accredited Farm quality assurance schemes. In addition ABP are pioneers of new processing and chilling techniques, such as hip hanging and sympathetic chilling, which both enhance the tenderness and improve the taste of our meat compared to competitive offerings.


  • BRC/EFSIS higher level
  • NI Farm Quality Assurance Scheme accredited

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