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John Agnew and Helen Porter have been working in the family bakery established by their parents Sean and Ann in 1967 for over three decades.

John aims to expand sales in markets outside Northern Ireland by focusing on products like Spelt Christmas Pudding that can be shipped and has a good shelf-life.

Ann's Pantry is focusing on health through the development of new products. Products in the spelt flour range include Madeira Cake, rich Fruit Loaf, Christmas pudding & Black Pudding Potato bread. A new gluten free range has been developed to include products like brownies but also firm family favourites like fruit cakes.

Over the last few years Ann's Pantry has celebrated 36 Great Taste Awards. In 2016 John entered the Tip Tree World Bread Awards winning 4 accolades.

The team could have never dared to imagine the journey uploading a video (see uploads) to the BBC Good Food show would lead to sending over 2 dozen products to be judged, the commentary was exceptional.

Attending the BBC Good Food Show as "Best Bakery in Northern Ireland" was the highlight for the entire team. With such positive feedback on all our products and stand Ann's Pantry is ready for 2017 !

Traditional Irish breads (two using spelt flour – white soda spelt farl and spelt meal oven soda)
Cakes & Puddings e.g. Madeira Cake, rich Fruit Loaf and Christmas pudding using spelt flour

Awards held

  • World Bread Awards 2019: Winner of the Irish Wheaten Loaf category & Gold for Fruit Loaf
  • Great Taste Awards 2019: One Gold Star each for Sugar Free Oven Wheaten, Spelt Brown Soda and Champ Potato Bread
  • Great Taste Awards 2018: Two Gold Stars each for Irish Oven Wheaten Soda & Custard Tart; One Gold Star awarded each to Guinness Oven Wheaten, Chicken Leek Pie, Spelt Carrot Cake & Oatmeal Biscuits
  • Great Taste Awards 2017: One Gold Star each for Oatmeal Cookie, Spelt Potato Bread with Black Pudding & Irish Fruit Loaf
  • Great Taste Awards 2016: One Gold Star each for Oatmeal Biscuit, Spelt Potato Bread with Black Pudding & Irish Fruit Loaf
  • Great Taste Awards 2015: Two Gold Stars for Guinness Oven Wheaten. One Gold Star for Custard Tart, Irish All Butter Shortbread, Oatmeal Biscuit, Spelt Brown Soda, Spelt Madeira Cake and Spelt Potato Bread with Black Pudding
  • Great Taste Awards 2014: Two Gold Stars for Brown Spelt Soda. One Gold Star for Custard Tart, Ginger Cake, Guinness Wheaten, Spelt Boiled Cake, Spelt Madeira & Spelt Potato Bread with Black Pudding
  • BBC Good Food Show Best Bakery in Northern Ireland

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