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Ashers Baking company was started in 1992 by Colin and Karen McArthur. They have grown the business organically over the last 18 years and have now embraced the web as a means to grow their business.

Here's where our story began… on 28th August 1992, a traditional craft bakery called Ashers opened its doors for the first time by an award-winning baker called Karen McArthur. Karen produced fresh handcrafted bakery products on the premises to provide the neighbourhood shopper with the highest quality and taste.

Karen's Husband Colin, joined the business the year after, being part of a family of bakers himself. They purchased their second premises at Carnmoney village with its own bake house of 600 sq/ft. From here they supplied their own four shops- Ballyeaston, Ballyclare, King's Cross-and Carnmoney Village.

In 1999, having outgrown the small bake house at Carnmoney, the search was on for a new bakery facility at Ballyearl. It was important to Ashers to remain in the area where their success began and where they had built a loyal and supportive customer base. A 4,000 sq/ft in Ballyearl was the perfect location and was totally rebuilt internally to convert it into the handcrafted bake house it is today.

Traditional Breads: Plain Batch Bread, Veda,
Traditional Wheaten Loaf.
Baps: Belfast, Ballymena, Cheesy, Poppy Seed
Toasted Muffins
Batch Loaf
Hot Cross Buns
Morning Goods: Soda Farls, Wheaten Farls & Pancakes
Healthy Range: Low GI Multiseed, Sugar free wheaten bread (suitable for diabetics), Date & Apple Wheaten, Rhubarb and Ginger Wheaten
Muesli Loaf, Spelt and Honey, Granary loaf
Malt and Grain loaf.
White & Brown Crusties
Breads of the World: Dutch Rye Loaf, Polish ZYTNI & Graham Bread
Ciabatta & French Baguette
Treat Yourself: Award winning Rich Fruit loaf,
Cinnamon Loaf, Oven sultana, Fruit Brack, Pastry buns, Scones
Wide range of bar cakes: Madeira, Banoffee, Boiled, Cherry, Choc & Vanilla, Choc Topped Choc Chip, Chocolate Chip, Coconut & Lemon,
Coffee, Date & Walnut, Double Choc Chip, Farmhouse seeded, Ginger, New York Choc Chip, Raspberry, Sultana, Toffee & Carrot Cake

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