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At Bailies, our desire is to craft world-class coffee experiences. Experiences that honour the skilled labour of our farming partners across the globe with dignity and fairness. We work hard to source the highest quality coffee beans from origin. We're a business built on direct trade - on going where the world's finest coffees are grown, and forging lasting links with the growers, our farming partners. We source around 90% of our coffees from country of origin and more than 70% are sourced directly. By sourcing the harvest ourselves, we can ensure both the quality of coffee for our customers plus a fair price and ethical treatment for the producers

Our focus on the coffee journey doesn't end there. We believe the best coffee deserves the best equipment. That's why we team up with industry leading manufacturers of coffee machines, grinders and brewing equipment.

For over 20 years we have built long lasting relationships with our customers. Many of our first customers remain with us today and that's something we're very proud of. We also offer barista and equipment training, education and support. Each coffee business is unique and we understand you will have bespoke requirements and needs.

Espresso Coffee
Microlot Filter Coffee
Single Origin Filter Coffee
Fair Trade Coffee
Decaffeinated Coffee
Loose–Leaf Tea
Fair–Trade Tea
A full range of coffee and tea ancillaries

Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines
Automatic Coffee Machines
Espresso Coffee Bean Grinders

Bailies Coffee Co is Northern Ireland’s only approved supplier of the market leading La Marzocco traditional espresso machinery (see ) as well as being exclusive distributor for Kees Van Der Westen espresso machines (

Bailies is currently supplying outlets in NI, RoI, GB and Europe. We proudly supply to 2nd & 3rd wave coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and large entertainment and sporting venues.

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2014: Two Gold Stars for Silvio Espresso and one star each awarded to Fairtrade Espresso (90% Arabica 10% Robusta) and Fairtrade 100% Espresso & Sweet Wonders Espresso.
  • Great Taste Awards 2013: Two Gold Stars each awarded to 100% Fairtrade Espresso, Puccini Espresso 100% Arabica & Silvio Espresso. One Gold Star each awarded to Kenya Loose Leaf Tea, Decaf Espresso & Assam Loose Leaf Tea.

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