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BFree was developed to bring tasty, good for you breads to the market.

Often, people avoid bread or feel poorly after having a sandwich and this may be due to sensitivities to wheat or gluten. All of our products are allergen free. That means there is no gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts or soy!
There is no guilt associated with eating BFree as the nutritional composition of our products is extraordinary!

When wheat is removed from bread products, it is as if the 'scaffolding' that holds the structure together is pulled apart. BFree has developed a recipe and composition that replaces the gluten and wheat and with natural ingredients that taste great!

Pitta Breads
Soft White Sandwich Loaf
Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf
Soft White Loaf
Brown Seeded Loaf
Multiseed Bagel
Plain Bagel
Fajita Kit
Stone Baked Pitta Breads
Brown Seeded Rolls
Soft White Rolls
Quinoa and Chia Wrap
Sweet Potato Wrap
Multigrain Wrap


  • BRC Accreditation Grade A

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2015: One Gold Star for our Multiseed Bagels and our Plain Bagels
  • 2017 Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Awards 2017: Export award for success in global markets
  • FreeFrom Awards 2018: Gold for BFree Oaty Loaf in the 'Breakfast' category and Bronze in 'Innovation' for BFree Bake at Home Seeded Demi Baguette

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