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Bró Coffee starts life in the fertile soil, high up on the hill sides in central and South America. The 100% Arabica coffee is selectively hand picked by a team who will only pick the cherries that are at the optimum ripeness. This ensures that the coffee has exactly the correct characteristics that will allow the perfect flavour and aroma profiles to develop to their full potential during the roasting process.

All our coffee is the current years crop and we constantly monitor the cup quality of every batch that we bring in.

The coffee is roasted in small batches under licence in Co. Down on a Loring Smart roast with a Bró specific roasting profile designed for the bean to cup solution. The flavour lock process and closed loop roasting cycle create a smooth, yet bold flavour profile which is superb as an americano or combine with milk in a cappuccino or latte for a sweet symphony on the palate.

The coffee is packed immediately after roasting and the one way valve on each bag will maintain freshness and cup quality.

100% Arabica coffee

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