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We're obsessed with providing the best quality, tastiest produce fresh from our small farm in Co.Antrim, Northern Ireland.

We set up the farm back in 2011, when we saw that a majority of male kid goats born to the dairy industry were being put down at birth. This seemed such an unnecessary waste so we set out to take those males and rear them ourselves for delicious and healthy cabrito kid goat meat.

Since then we've branched out into rearing free-range rose veal and also seasonal wild game. We now have our own artisan on-site butchery, run seasonal cookery, butchery and wild game classes and have a little farm shop selling the best of Northern Irish and Irish produce.

We also deliver our meat boxes and unique charcuterie box all over Ireland and the UK.

Cabrito (kid goat) products including bacon & gammon
Veal products including Veal Mince & Sausages
Range of Veal or Goat Sausages: From Breakfast to Fennel & Black Pepper, Rose Veal, Prosecco and Lemon sausage
Smokey Bullock or Billy Burgers
Slow Smoked Free–Range Rose Veal Bacon
Veal Salami – Green Peppercorn and Coriander flavours.

Pickle Restaurant, Camden St, Dublin
3FE, Dublin
Fumbally Cafe, Dublin
Forest Avenue, Dublin
The Cloth Ear, Belfast
Marker Hotel, Dublin
Thyme Restaurant Athlone
Bushmills Inn
Babushka Cafe, Portrush
Thyme & Co Cafe, Ballycastle
Central Hotel, Ballycastle
Indie Fude
The Great British Website

Awards held

  • Irish Food Writers Guild Awards 2019: Environmental Award
  • Great Taste Awards 2016: 2 star award for Goat Bacon
  • Best Snack (goat tacos) at The British Street Food Awards 2016
  • Highly Recommended (2nd Place) at The British Street Food Awards 2016

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