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Formed in 1989 by Hertford Arnold, Cottage Catering is family owned dessert manufacturer providing a comprehensive range of products for a wide range of customers.

Cottage Catering has an extensive portfolio of over 20 products including cheesecakes in 100gm pots, fresh cream trifles in 125 gm pots, micro-wave puddings, premium products such as sundae and mousse 135 gm pots, 110 gm profiteroles and swirl cheesecakes in 130 gm pots.

Whether you want to source an existing product, a new product for your product range or develop a new product for your business we have a wealth of relevant expertise in all aspects of ingredient sourcing, development and supply.

We offer a hands on personal service with a team that work closely together through all operations of our business so that we can offer you the best service possible. Our extensive client base, with its multiplicity of requirements, ensures we have the depth of experience to help you drive your business forward.

Our business strategy is to be your best supplier and business partner in the industry, to continually improve and expand the range of products we offer and to constantly challenge the norms in a fast and ever changing market place.

Individual Fresh Cream Trifles ( Strawberry, Raspberry and Fruit Cocktail) 125gm

Family Fresh Cream Trifles Strawberry 500gm Sherry Trifle 750gm

Individual Cheesecakes (Strawberry, Blackcurrant and toffee) 100gm

Swirled Cheesecakes (Strawberry, Lemon 130gm

Chocolate Profiteroles 110gm

Chocolate Orange 130gm

Chocolate Surprise 130gm

Chocolate Sundae 135gm

Strawberry Sundae 125gm Multi Packs

Strawberry Trifle 3 X 125gm

Strawberry Cheesecake 3 X 100gm

Black currant Cheesecake 3 X 100gm

Chocolate Surprise 2 X 130gm

Toffee Surprise 2 X 130gm

Cottage Catering is currently servicing the United Kingdom Market with a product range of 23 products and ships daily to the U.K. to ensure freshness of product and to service our customers needs. The company already supplies retailers such as Spar UK, Nisa Today and Netto in Great Britain as well as Lidl Ireland.

From April 2011, Cottage Catering will supply a leading Dutch dairy product distributor with a range of cheesecakes which will be sold through retail chains in the Netherlands such as Albert Heijn, C1000, Jumbo and Plus. Initially, Cottage Catering will provide Blackcurrant and Lemon with Rind for distribution throughout the Netherlands. Two further cheesecake lines are listed in the deal.


  • BRC (Global Standard Food Safety) Issue 5 Grade A.

Awards held

  • Blas na h'Eireann Awards 2016: Bronze award for Cottage Catering Protein Pot
  • Irish Quality Food Awards 2015: Highly Commended - Desserts and Puddings - Lidl Deluxe 4 PackShot Glass Chocolate Dessert.

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