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Dart Mountain Cheese Company, part of Tamnagh Foods, is an artisan cheese producer based in the Sperrin Mountains, in Northern Ireland.

Established June 2010 they make a range of 8 cheeses-

SPERRIN BLUE, named after the mountain range where they live, is made from locally sourced fresh cows milk and is handmade in small batches using traditional methods, and then aged for up to 4 months to maximise flavour before release.

DART MT. DUSK is an ash coated semi hard pasteurised cow milk cheese, aged for a minimum of 4 months. This cheese name is a reflection of the evening fade of daylight they experience in the Sperrins. It has a lovely sharp taste, followed by a nice nutty flavour.

KILCREEN cheese-an Alpine-style cows milk cheese, named after a nearby town land, Kilcreen is a semi hard pasteurised cheese with a nutty taste, aged for a minimum of four months.

BANAGHER BOLD, washed in a local craft beer made from the waters of Banagher Dam, and aged 3 months.

TIRKEERAN cheese - aged for at least 7 months is a great tasting unique cheese.

CARRAIG BAN – Goats Milk Cheese

MEENY HILL GOAT - a hard cheese aged for at least two months

MEENY HILL BLUE - Northern Ireland’s first blue goat’s cheese, a semi soft and firm cheese that’s been matured for at least one month.

Sperrin Blue

Dart Mt. Dusk


Banagher Bold


Carraig Bán

Meeny Hill Goat

Meeny Hill Blue

Hotel, restaurant and gastro pub industry via food service distributors across Ireland.

Also direct supply to independent delis, farm shops and specialist grocers.


  • EU Approved Dairy Plant

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2019: Two Gold Stars for Sperrin Blue
  • Artisan Cheese Awards 2018: Silver and two bronze awards for Sperrin Blue & Tirkeeran
  • SPERRIN BLUE - Gold Blas na hEireann Awards 2015
  • DART Mt. DUSK - One Gold Star at Great Taste Awards 2016; Bronze at the World Cheese Awards 2014
  • KILCREEN - Great Taste Gold 2015
  • BANAGHER BOLD: One Gold Star at Great Taste Awards 2016, GOLD at World Cheese Awards 2016/2017.

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