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Based on the outskirts of the City of Armagh, DCS Ltd, was established in 2010, to distribute and market the Aqua Twist Water Brand, by building partnerships with a large customer base, for a family of products that complement and add value to all the market sectors in which we operate. This goal is now applied to all brands that we distribute. The company has since developed long term business in both retail and foodservice sectors whilst forming lasting relationships with major customers in Northern Ireland, UK and Republic of Ireland.

Our customer base includes, but not limited to the following, Tesco ROI, Aldi, Henderson Group (Spar), Musgrave Group, BWG ROI(Spar), Iceland UK, NISA\Co-op, Large Wholesale groups plus major foodservice Groups.

Aqua Twist can now be found in over 3000 outlets throughout Ireland and we sell over 20 million bottles in Ireland yearly.

Since 2017 the family of Aqua Twist products has been joined by the worldwide brands from Nestle Waters UK, Nestle Pure Life, San Pellegrino, Aqua Panna, Nestle Pure Life, Buxton, Perrier etc, these have added world class levels of products to our portfolio.

As our business has evolved we have successfully launched the award winning Essence Flavoured Still water that offers a tasty, healthier alternative to flavoured drinks. Essence is a UK wide success and now this is being emulated in both Irish Markets.

We have now developed a range of American Confectionery products including branded "taste the States" display stands for Tesco ROI.

We also offer a range of American Drinks to all our customers that continues to create new highly profitable business for our retail partners.

Our mission has been to provide our retailers with new and exciting opportunities in the Drinks sector of both Retail outlets.

This year we have now added Aqua Twist Tetra packs to our brand. This allows us to give consumers a real choice to purchase a "top quality" water in a plant based carton, that is 100% recyclable, 88% plant based materials. Available in both a single serve and a 6 x 500ml take home pack.

Aqua Twist Take home water, 12 x 500ml Screw cap, Sports cap, 330ml, 750ml and 5 litre varients and now our New Tetra 6 x 500ml

Essence Flavoured still water, Strawberry & Raspberry, Forest Fruits, Lemon & Lime Nestle Waters UK Range 4 x 500ml Sports Cap Packs, 2 litre large bottles

San Pellegrino: 4 x 6 x 330ml range of Flavoured carbonated aluminium cans; San Pellegrino Sparkling and Aqua Panna(Still) water; 500ml PET, 75cl and 25cl Glass

Nestle Pure Life 1 litre Sports cap & 1.5 litre Screw Cap

Essence Flavoured still water, Strawberry & Raspberry, Forest Fruits, Lemon & Lime

American Drinks: Fanta Flavours, Dr Pepper, Calypso

American Confectionery Stands

Full range of Theatre box products, Warheads, Nerdsm Milk Duds, Swedish Fish, Airheads

Our customer base includes, but not limited to the following: Tesco, Aldi, Henderson Group (Spar), Musgrave Group, BWG ROI (Spar), Iceland UK, NISA\Co-op plus major foodservice Groups.

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