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Robert Ditty is a second generation artisan baker who is committed to using local ingredients in his products where possible. He uses local artisan producers such as traditional smoke houses, organic dairies and local farmers to offer a broad range of specialty biscuits, pastries, breads and savoury foods.

Ditty's has a thriving wholesale business that operates on a local, national and international level.

Robert combines natural ingredients with traditional baking techniques and time honoured recipes to produce a wide range of Northern Irish bakery products. In particular, Ditty's famous oatcake range are testament to Robert's close relationship with producers throughout Ireland and have featured at numerous prestigious events such as the Ryder Cup and Wimbledon as well as being awarded several Taste Awards. Most recently, Ditty's oatcakes were served at the State banquet in Dublin Castle to honour HRH Queen Elizabeth.

Robert set up the Artisan Bakers of Northern Ireland in 2001, a group of six like-minded bakers whose purpose was to combine skills, knowledge and expertise to produce a range of authentic regional breads, cakes and biscuits that reflected the tradition and heritage of the northern counties.

Specialty Biscuits – Savoury & Sweet including: Irish Oatcakes
Irish Smoked Oatcakes
Celery & Pepper Biscuits
Dulse & Sesame Oatmeal Biscuit
Walnut Oaties
Irish Apple Oatcakes
Traditional Shortbread
Date & Walnut Shortbread
Stem Ginger Shortbread
Lemon Shortbread
Blueberry Shortbread
Raspberry Shortbread
Spiced Shortbread
Winterberry Shortbread
Oatmeal Biscuit
Traditional Irish Breads:
Soda Farls
Potato Bread
Chocolate Fudge
Gluten Free:

Supplying numerous leading retailers including:
Marks and Spencers
Fortnum and Mason
Paxton & Whitfield
A number of other distributors and hamper companies across the UK and Ireland.

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