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Dragon Brand Foods has built a longstanding reputation, gained over fifteen years in business, for quality products and manufacturing capability.

Dragon Brand Foods unique blend of herbs and spices, combined with the use of only the finest fresh fruit and vegetables, has enabled the company to develop a range of distinctive, quality products.

Dragon Brand Foods has also established a reputation as being the largest local manufacturer of Curry/Gravy Sauce and has secured listings in major stores across Northern Ireland as well as supplying the food service sector across the province.

Dragon Brand Foods Curry/Gravy sauce concentrate is available in 4.5Kg buckets, which is equivalent to 25L of curry sauce when reconstituted. It is also available in 200g tubs for the retail trade, and can be acquired from all reputable retail outlets and catering suppliers.

Chinese Curry Sauce Concentrate
Chinese Gravy Sauce Concentrate
Tikka Masala
Sweet n Sour

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2022: Two Gold Stars for our Aristocraft Tikka Mayonnaise and One Gold Star awarded each to our Aristocraft Teriyaki Sauce, Aristocraft Sea Salt & Chilli, Aristocraft Chilli Willli Marinade, Aristocraft Argentina Fire and Aristocraft Southwest sauce.
  • Great Taste Awards 2021: One Gold Star for our Really Saucy Southwest Mayonnaise & Really Saucy Tikka Mayonnaise
  • Blas na h'Eireann 2018: Gold award for our Really Saucy Caesar Dressing, Gold for our Really Saucy Tikka Mayonnaise & the winner of 'Best in Tyrone'
  • Blas na h'Eireann 2017: Silver award for our Really Saucy Tikka Mayonnaise

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