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Founded 1990 by the Elliott Family, Elliott's Tradition Ltd is associated with Fred Elliott Butchers in Banbridge. The company have taken recipes created by their butchers and manufactured them on an industrial platform for the foodservice.

The company manufacture burgers and sausages and distribute many other products including an extensive portfolio of poultry products from fresh, frozen, cooked and value added.

Brand names include Elliott's Burgers, Elliott's Sausages, Elliott's Goujons, Elliott's Breaded Fillets etc.

Meat: Pork, beef, chicken, fish
Sauce Products: Mayonnaise, chilli sauce, garlic, cajun, taco
Baps n Rolls: Burger buns, hotdog rolls, baguettes, panini
Vegetable Products: Onion rings, chips, garlic mushrooms


  • BRC Grade A Accreditation

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