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Glen Oak Fisheries was established in 1977 and for the past 40 years has specialised in the supply of high quality trout to customers in Ireland, UK, Europe and the Far East.

The family owned company is vertically integrated, controlling every aspect of production from brood stock and hatchery through its growing sites to ensure the quality of its trout.

Sustainability is important in all aspects of Glen Oak operations.

Efficient use of natural resources has been and continues to be a key focus of decisions relating to stock management.

Recirculation and biological purification of the water supply has enabled a significant reduction in non-consumptive use, along with investment in renewable energy, which minimises the carbon footprint of the business. Both of these support and help to sustain our ecological aims.

Glen Oak's efficient operations and ecological practices provide a foundation which supports its ethical approach to stock welfare.

All Glen Oak stock are nurtured in classified Disease Free conditions, thus avoiding the use of prophylactic therapeutics.

These high standards of production are verified by a range of internationally recognised Certifications emphasising the quality of Glen Oak trout.

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Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout


  • Quality Trout UK
  • Freedom Foods
  • Integra for TESCO
  • GlobalGAP

Awards held

  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Agrifood Award 1997
  • Winner of Small Company Retail Sector Food and Drink Innovation Awards 1997
  • Irish Food Writers Guild Awards 1998
  • Small Company Marketing Food and Drink Innovation Awards 1999

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