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Green Fingers Family is a local, family owned, artisan, multi award winning food production business based in Larne, Co Antrim, established in 2020 producing 100% natural granolas (no additives, preservatives or processed sugars, only natural ingredients).
All of our products are vegan, nutritious and only sweetened naturally. Everything is handmade in small batches with the highest standards but most of all, the packaging is environmentally friendly - fully compostable, from the bag to the label, from the box filler to the tape, everything is plastic free.

We have received a Silver Level Innovator award by the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in recognition to our efforts to provide our products in eco-friendly packaging and two of our products received 1 golden star at the Great Taste Award 2020.

We want to be the change. Our mission is to help people to live a healthier life and show that what works for the body can work for the environment too!

Our granola products offer a natural, healthy alternative to sugary cereals with a superb range to suit all tastes. We have 5 flavours available: OATSOME - Granola Porridge; SIGNATURE - Seed & Nut Granola; CHOCOLATE CRUNCH - Chocolate Granola; BERRY BLISS - Raspberry Granola; NUTTY - Peanut butter granola.

We have 5 flavours available:
OATSOME - Granola Porridge

SIGNATURE - Seed & Nut Granola

CHOCOLATE CRUNCH - Chocolate Granola

BERRY BLISS - Raspberry Granola

NUTTY - Peanut butter granola

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awarda 2020 -1 golden star

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