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The Heatherlea Bakery is a small family business established in1937 in Bangor & owned by Paul and Patricia Getty since 1990. The Bakery has expanded through time and relocated to 6,000 sq ft specialist food production premises located one mile from our busy retail shop, deli and cafe which remain on the site of our original bakehouse.

We are dedicated to preserving the artisan values, traditions and skills of Northern Irish Bakers handed down through generations. Our team of bakers has 150 years experience at their fingertips.

We wholesale a wide range of breads, cakes and pastry baked fresh daily for an expanding group of retailers specifically interested in fresh produce made with natural local ingredients were possible, reflecting our proud baking heritage.

Our speciality all butter 'pound' cakes form an important arm of our business with our boiled cake and fruit loaf winning several Great Taste Awards.

A primary strength we bring is being able to adapt to customers needs and recently have developed several breakfast cereals for prestigious clients in the North and South of Ireland.

Fresh Deli Produce.

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2019: One Gold Star for Chilli & Chocolate Oatcakes
  • Great Taste Awards 2017: One Gold star for Moist Fruit Malt & Traditional Boiled Cake
  • Great Taste Awards 2016: One Gold star for Rich Fruit Loaf.
  • Blas na h'Eireann Awards 2015: One Gold star for Rich Fruit Loaf.
  • Great Taste Awards 2014: One Gold star for Grandma Getty's Caramel Sauce.
  • Blas na h'Eireann Awards 2014: Gold for Armagh Rolled Oat Crisp Biscuits.
  • Great Taste Awards 2016: Two Gold Stars for Coarse Wheaten Bread & Rich Fruit Loaf
  • Blas na H'Eireann Awards 2015: Gold award for Rich Fruit Loaf
  • Blas na H'Eireann Awards 2014: Gold award for Armagh Rolled Oat Crisp Biscuits

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