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Trudy Hodkinson and Paula Latuske have combined their talents and surnames to create Hollah Preserving - a hip and quirky brand of relishes and sauces with a retro vibe.

Hollah was born to preserve Paula and Trudy's sanity, who had stepped off the corporate ladder to raise their young children. Hollah's ethos is "Preserving Food, Friendships and Sanity!"

Both independently minded the Hollah girls dare to add ingredients and their signature chilli kick to produce flavours away from the mainstream. Hollah has given the traditional condiment a hipster spin, this relish will rock you!

Now, having outgrown our home kitchens Hollah is delighted to have expanded and entrusted our production to a local and experienced manufacturer. This has enabled us to spread the Hollah love further afield.

Bucky BBQ Sauce
Red Chilli Jam
Red Onion Relish
Chilli Strawberry & Prosecco Relish
Vodka & Cranberry Relish
The Wingnut, a Hot Habanero Sauce
Hollah Dawg, a Mustard and Gherkin Relish

There are plenty of Hollah stockists, please check the website for our most up to date list.

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2016. One Gold Star for our Bucky BBQ

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