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Established in 1969, Kilhorne Bay Seafood is one of Northern Ireland's premier shellfish processors, sourcing its raw materials from throughout the island of Ireland.

They specialize in the production of:
IQF Hand Peeled Scampi
Hand Peeled Whole tail Breaded Scampi
IQF Roe-less Queen Scallops (Chlamys opercularis)
IQF King Scallops (Pectin Maximus)

The company continues to invest in the most up to date processing and freezing technology to meet with current and future demands.

The company sells 90% of its output of Scallops, IQF Peeled Scampi and Breaded Scampi outside Northern Ireland. Key export markets developed by the company include Italy, Croatia, France, Belgium and Denmark

IQF Hand peeled Scampi
Hand peeled whole tail Breaded Scampi
King Scallops (pectin maximus)
Queen Scallops (chlamys opercularis)

Customers in catering, wholesale and retailing in Britain, Ireland and throughout Europe.


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