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Lacada Brewery Limited, a co-operative business with almost 290 members, has grown from strength to strength since it first began trading in October 2015. Four years on, it has established itself as one of Northern Ireland’s leading breweries, winning several awards along the way, including Best New Product in the 2017 Blas na hÉireann Irish Food Awards, and a coveted 3 Stars in the 2018 Great Taste Awards.

The brewery, situated in the centre of Portrush, currently employs 8 people and distributes its own products. Northern Ireland enjoys the lion’s share, although some has been exported to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Denmark.

It is seeking to raise £125,000 through new investment to realise an ambitious expansion plan, expected to take up to 3 years to fully complete.

The Core range: Three core beers available all year round:
Giants Organ – IPA (4.5% ABV): Citrus, floral, bitter finish – 330ml Bottle, Keg (on request), Cask (on request)
Sorley’s Boy’s Stash – Golden Ale (4.5% ABV) floral, herbal, malty – 330ml Bottle, Keg (on request), Cask (on request)
Stranded Bunny Porter – (4.5% ABV) coffee, liquorice, smooth – 330ml Bottle, Keg (on request), Cask (on request)
West Bay Citra Pale Ale – (4.6% ABV) – 330ml bottle
Half Hung, a rye India Pale Ale (ABV 6.2%).

Salamander Series: The “Salamander Series” is a Limited Edition of beers we release throughout the year when the forces of nature and our Brewer conjure up a wee gem of a beer we know you’ll love to try:
Utopian Stout – Salamander Series No. 1 (8% ABV) 330ml Bottle & Cask
VY Honey Beer – Salamander Series No. 2 (7.5% ABV) 330ml Bottle
Choco–Oranj Amber Ale – Salamander Series No. 3 (5.5% ABV) Cask

Limited Editions & collaborations: With Lacada Brewery being a Co–operative based business, we strive to work with other people, businesses, and events in our community to produce special collaborative products and seasonal specials from time to time for everyone to enjoy…
Devil’s Washtub – Dark IPA (5.2% ABV) – 500ml Bottle, KeyKeg & Cask
Summertime Sorley – Session Beer (3.8% ABV) – 500ml Bottle
Sauer Beans– Elderflower & Coffee Sour Ale (4.2% ABV) – Cask

Awards held

  • Blas na h'Eireann Irish Food Awards 2018: Bronze award for our East the Beast Ale
  • Great Taste Awards 2018: 3 Stars for Utopian Stout & 1 Star for East the Beast.
  • Blas na h'Eireann Irish Food Awards 2017: Invest NI sponsored 'Best New Product Award' (Gold) for our Devil's Washtub; Silver for our Utopian Stout & Bronze for our Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout

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