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Did you know that the enduringly popular ginger ale was actually born in Belfast? Longbridge Drinks Company lays no claims to actually inventing it but what they do declare is a promise to restore this celebrated beverage to the city from whence it came.

The name comes from the Long Bridge which crossed the River Lagan from 1688 to 1841 when it was replaced by the Queen’s Bridge. It was once the longest bridge in the British Isles. This iconic landmark bolstered trade and was enjoyed by strollers. Gone but not forgotten just like the ginger ale.

Belfast Ginger Ale has just carbonated water, sugar, lime juice, extract of ginger, natural ginger flavour, natural caramel and ascorbic acid. It is ready to drink by itself or as a mixer with a tipple of gin or whiskey.

Customers liked it so much they asked them to make a tonic, and so they did.

Belfast Premium Tonic is being made in small batches and is an artisan product with a refreshing blend of botanicals, with citrus notes. It’s low in sugar, while natural quinine from the Congo delivers that fresh, zingy flavour.

The newest product is a superb Belfast Raspberry and Rose. Like the other drinks it is made in small batches with natural botanical flavours and pure rose oil. It is the perfect balance of fruity and floral.

A superb match with gin or vodka, it also stands on its own as a delicious non-alcoholic drink which tastes a lot like a liquid version of Turkish Delight.

Belfast Ginger Ale, Belfast Premium Tonic, Belfast Raspberry and Rose- all in 20cl bottles.

Off-licenses across Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland
Hotels & restaurants across Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland
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