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The MacNeice family has been growing apples in Ardress, Co. Armagh, since 1855 and established their apple cannery in 1969. MacNeice Fruit supply a range of fruit products, from A10 cans for foodservice and wholesale to bulk formats for manufacturing purposes. The company specializes in the growing and processing of Bramley apples. The Bramley apple is regarded as the best apple for culinary use as it retains its intense flavour when cooked.

MacNeice Fruit also produce ready-to-use rhubarb, sweet mince and bespoke fruit fillings and focus on new product development, constantly adding new flavours.

Nestled in its own orchards, the MacNeice Fruit processing facility consists of over 5,000m2 of modern processing and storage space across a 3 Hectare site. Staff's dedication to consistently producing top class products using state-of-the-art production technology is key to the company's success. The BRC Global Food Standard quality system operated by the company gives customers the confidence that is so essential in food production. This, coupled with extremely high service levels makes MacNeice Fruit the natural choice.

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