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McWhinney's is a fifth generation family business run by Kevin McWhinney who is both Managing Director and Master Butcher. The company manufactures traditional Irish pork sausages made to an original recipe and using only the finest cuts of pork.

McWhinney's Irish Pork Sausages are produced in a traditional manner by transferring the methodology from a butchers shop to our purpose-built factory.

McWhinney's manufacture millions of sausages each month using the traditional principles of mince and bowl chop.

The McWhinney's Irish Pork Sausages product range covers all requirements in the catering industry.

Our Premium range has 70% quality meat content and is the highest meat content of any sausage manufactured for the Fish & Chip Shop market.

All of McWhinney's sausages will cook from frozen in deep fry and will not burst or bend during cooking, or shrivel in the holding cabinet. When eaten, the sausages have a distinctive meaty bite, a clean porky flavour, and a unique spice.

Our entire ethos is built around quality, and the proof of this is in the tasting!

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