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Meadow Farm Foods was established by Martin Rafferty and Frank Foster as a small farm shop business selling a range of quality smoked meat products. The business has two separate smokers, a modern processing unit, employs five people and supplies a broad range of quality smoked meats to foodservice including high-end restaurants and hotels, in both NI and RoI.

In May 2018, under the new Orchard Smokehouse brand, the business launched an initial three-strong range of premium smoked meats including premium chicken, gammon and duck. All the products are naturally smoked using traditional artisan techniques over beech and oak chips and are gluten, dairy and wheat free and ready to eat, hot and cold.

Mr Foster runs the farm-based smokery business with Martin Rafferty, a cattle farmer, butcher and the main smoker, on a 60 acre cattle farm.

The new Orchard Smokehouse brand has already secured business in NI & in Dublin with specialist retailers especially top delis.

Smoked Turkey Breast
Smoked Pork Loin
Smoked Pork Belly
Smoked Chicken Fillet
Smoked Chicken Wings
Smoked Duck Fillet
Smoked Silverside Beef
Smoked Ham
Smoked Chicken Legs
Smoked Duck legs
Smoked Beef Brisket
Smoked Turkey Legs
Pork Liver Pate
Black Pudding
Range of Eastern European Meats

Foodservice including high-end restaurants and hotels in NI and RoI.
High end specialist retailers and delis in NI & RoI.



Awards held

  • Blas na hEireann Awards 2019: Bronze award for our Smoked Duck Fillet

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