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Born in 1898 in the small farming town of Cradock, South Africa to a family of British settlers – Cecil “Fenner” Moorcroft joined the family meat business from a young age. Over the following years he built up a wealth of expertise in the livestock trade and became a well-known name amongst farmers all over South Africa.

Five generations later and back home in Britain, we continue to carry out Fenner’s legacy of providing wholesome top-quality, traditional South African style biltong and meat snacks that are tasty, nutritious and ethically sourced from the highest grade livestock – just like Fenner did!

Beef Biltong Original (28g)

Beef Biltong Garlic & Herb (28g)

Beef Biltong Cayenne Pepper & Herbs (28g)
All biltong products are free from Sugar,Gluten,MSG Preservatives.

Dried Meat products
• Stout flavour biltong
• Beef drywors(Dry Sausage)-Original/Sweet Chilli/Garlic&Herb
• Cabanossi-African style salami Stick

Beef Boerewors
• Original
• Scrabo Farmers Sausage -Northern Irish Boerewors from the Heart of Newtownards where our factory is based.
• Cheese
• Chakalaka-Chakalaka Boerewors is a South African mildly hot and spicy fresh pork&beef sausage. The sausage derives its name from the Chakalaka sauce which is in its most simple form a combination of onions, curry powder and tomatoes.
Boerewors a type of sausage which originated in South Africa, is an important part of South African cuisine and is popular across Southern Africa. The name is derived from the Afrikaans/Dutch words boer ("farmer") and wors ("sausage"). separated)
Boerewors must contain at least 90 percent meat, and always contain beef, as well as lamb, pork, or a mixture of lamb and pork. The other 10% is made up of spices and other ingredients. Not more than 30% of the meat content may be fat. Boerewors may not contain offal or any "mechanically recovered" meat pulp (as recovered through a process where meat and bone are mechanically

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