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At Islanderkelp, we grow three types of kelp and process it to produce a salad cut (approx 1.5cm sq) and noodle or shred cut (for wakame, slaw and stir fries etc.) product.

These products are blanched and vacuum packed with fabulous vibrant green colour and superb al dente texture.

We can supply as a fresh or frozen product. As a frozen product it keeps its texture and green colour perfectly when thawed and can be safely refrozen without impacting on quality.

Islanderkelp is based off the coast of Rathlin Island, where the Irish sea and Atlantic meet to provide constant clean and ideal growing conditions for our kelp products.

We are the only producers of fresh and frozen 'ready to use' kelp in the British Isles and one of only 2 in Europe.

Our target market is high end food service, both Asian and Fusion.

Sea – veg products: Kelp is processed as a fresh ready to use ingredient, in both a salad and noodle cut for wakame, miso and for a range of other uses in both Asian and Fusion foods

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2018: Two Stars awarded to Islander Kelp Noodles & One Star awarded each to Islander Kelp Relish and Islander Kelp Spiced Relish
  • BBC Food and Farming Awards 2017: Finalist in the Future Food category
  • Great Taste Awards 2020: One Gold Star for Islander Kelp Pesto

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