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Sean & Connor Morgan started Oh So Lean because Connor wanted to lose weight. The weight loss group he joined had sausages and burgers as part of his diet but these had to be made to specific requirements. Sean set about making these for Connor and before long had a variety to choose from.

Connor's desire to help others on the same weight lose journey led to Oh So Lean, a delivery service coming about. Oh So Lean now has a team of chefs to make a specific range of soups, sauces and lunch pots to compliment the range of pork, chicken, turkey, steak, venison, fish already in place.

From that and due to public demand, various meeting points all over Northern Ireland which then lead to chilled 24 hour nationwide delivery.

Over 30 Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soya Free, Msg Free products have since been added to complement the excellent Oh So Lean range.

Most of all, Oh So Lean are a company you can trust in quality, service and delivery.

• To help other people on their weight loss journey, and healthier option for all the family.
• To continue to make products of the highest standard for everyone to enjoy.
• To continue and grow our food allergy friendly range

The Oh So Lean range includes products that are Gluten Free, Soya Free, MSG Free and Dairy Free including
Fish Soups
Lunch Pots

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