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Thomas O'Hagan of Kilnasaggart Mead has revived the tradition of mead production, Irish honey wine, in county Armagh.

Kilnasaggart Mead (ABV 14%) is available in 750ml bottles and is developed on the family farm near Jonesborough which is close to the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The launch of Kilnasaggart Mead is the outcome of research over two years to develop a recipe for a beverage once popular in Ireland and is now on sale at around £12 in retail outlets in Northern Ireland.

The mead is brewed on small batches and named Kilnasaggart in honour of Celtic and monastic traditions. The small batch producer is now seeking to develop sales in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. As well as growing sales with consumers on the island of Ireland, the company sees opportunities from the growth among tourists, especially from the US, where interest in mead is increasing.

Irish honey wine (ABV 14%) 750ml bottles

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2018: 3 Stars awarded to Kilnasaggart Mead

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