Old Bushmills Distillery

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The Old Bushmills Distillery, located along the North Easy coast of Co. Antrim, has a special place in Irish whiskey making ancestry. In the village of Bushmills resides a community that has, for generations refined the craft of Irish whiskey production.

In 2008, the Old Bushmills Distillery celebrated the 400th anniversary of the official granting of the licence to distil to the Bushmills area - as granted by King James 1 in 1608. This 400 years of whiskey making tradition in the area is today continued by Ireland's oldest working distillery, which was officially registered as a licensed company in 1784.

At Bushmills you are invited to experience for yourself the craft and skills of making Irish Malt Whiskey. During the guided tour you will discover the secrets of the special water from St. Columb's Rill, the malted Irish barley, triple distillation in copper stills and ageing for long years in Oak Casks. Of course, no visit would be complete without enjoying a complimentary glass of the final product, one of the famous whiskeys.

Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey
Bushmills Original
Black Bush
Bushmills 10 Year Old
Bushmills 16 Year Old
Bushmills 21 Year Old

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