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Paradox Omega Oils Ltd based in Belfast is a young, innovative, family run company which has researched and developed a unique range of high quality Omega 3 fatty acid food supplements.

Totally natural and totally pure, Paradox Omega has a range of products for all the family.

Scientifically proven to be more stable than ordinary Omega 3 fish oils, Paradox products are renowned for their unrivalled quality and are manufactured to GMP, MHRA standards.

Omega Liquid 225mls Bottle
Omega Capsules 60 × 1000mg
New size 30 × 1000mg
OmegaSchool 30 × 990mg
OmegaBabies 105mls with unique dispenser
OmegaMums 30 × 1000mg
OmegaSport 30 × 990mg

Holland and Barrett (UK)
Selected Boots Stores (UK)
Independent Pharmacies and Health Stores (UK)
Customers in Middle East and Pakistan

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