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SeaSugar was born of a love of creating new flavour combinations for hand pulled sweets. Using only natural extracts and essences to give a fresh true flavour, and simple natural colourings, SeaSugar delivers an ever expanding range of flavours in some popular and some more unusual combinations.

You won't find any information on our labels about additives and preservatives because we don't use any.

The ethos of SeaSugar is to give you the best possible version of a small treat to be savoured, content in the knowledge that you're not eating chemicals.

SeaSugar sweets are made completely by hand. From the moment sugar and glucose are added to the copper pan to the final label is placed on the bag. Every step is carried out with care and attention and an absolute love for the final product.

All of our sweets are made in very small 3 to 4kg batches and are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, gluten free, dairy free & fat free. We use only 100% natural extracts, essences and colours, so the final product is bursting with flavour.

Customers can now order via an easily downloadable app.

Handmade confectionery – all 100% natural flavours and colours with absolutely nothing artificial added, free from gluten, dairy & fat.

– Lemon & Elderflower (Great Taste 2017 winner)
– Green Apple & Spearmint (Great Taste 2016 winner)
– Black Cherry & Bourbon Vanilla
– Lime & Mint
– Rhubarb & Bourbon Vanilla
– Totally Tropical (passion fruit, mango & pineapple)
– Pineapple & Thyme
– Tangerine & Cardamon
– Apple, Pear & Ginger
– Peach & Raspberry

£3 per bag or 2 for £5

Awards held

  • Blas Na hEireann Awards 2021: Gold Award for Rhubarb and Vanilla Hard Pulled Sweets and Bronze awrd for Apple, Pear and Ginger hard pulled sweets
  • Blas Na hEireann Awards 2020: Gold award for Peach & Raspberry Pulled Sweets and Silver award for Rhubarb & Strawberry Pulled Sweets
  • Blas Na hEireann Awards 2019: Bronze award for Rhubarb and Vanilla Pulled-Sugar Sweets
  • Great Taste Awards 2019: One Gold Star awarded to our Black Cherry & Vanilla handmade sweets.
  • Great Taste Awards 2018: One Gold Star awarded to our Rhubarb and Vanilla handmade pulled sweets and our Lime and Mint handmade sweets
  • Great Taste Awards 2017: One Gold Star awarded to our Lemon and Elderflower handmade hard sweets
  • Carrickfergus Business Awards 2017: 'Best Artisan Company'
  • Great Taste Awards 2016: One Gold Star awarded to our Green Apple & Spearmint handmade hard sweets
  • Blas Na hEireann, Irish Food Awards 2022: Bronze Award for Mango, Passion Fruit and Pineapple Hard Pulled Sweets

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