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Northern Ireland hot sauce company, Rock A Doodle Do – Belfast Hot Sauce, founded by Dave Kernaghan is setting the world alight with its latest range of special Snow Patrol Hot Sauces that are guaranteed to rock your taste palette.

Dave has been creating his own hot sauces for almost 30 years but took the plunge in 2015 to launch the Rock A Doodle Do range based on his love of rock music and after three years has customers across the globe.

The production of the Snow Patrol Hot Sauces which reflect the band's song titles represents a synergy between the band and the charity, Music For All, with all of the proceeds from sales at Snow Patrol shows going to charity.

All three are hot sauces but ‘Disaster Button’ is an extra, extra hot chili sauce using the hottest chili in the world,
The Carolina Reaper and is for the stoutest hearted rocker out there.

Snow Patrol Hot Sauce – Disaster Button – Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce (XXX HOT) 140ML

Snow Patrol Hot Sauce – Don't Give In - Trinidad Scorpion BBQ Sauce (X HOT) 140ML

Snow Patrol Hot Sauce – Chocolate – Habanero Hot Sauce (XX HOT) 140ML

3 x Hot Chilli sauce & 1 x Hot BBQ Sauce available in 140ml, 100ml travel size (glass) & 100ml plastic 'gig' bottles on sale at all Snow Patrol concerts

Local independents in NI including Sawers, Arcadia, Tom & Ollie, Corries
Currently seeking wholesalers for UK distribution.

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2020: Two Gold Stars for Snow Patrol - Chocolate Hot Chilli Sauce & One Gold Star for Snow Patrol - Don't Give In Extra hot BBQ style sauce

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