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Nestled in the rolling hills of Co Down, our distillery sits within the historic Strawhill Estate on the banks of the River Lagan.

We looked to the past for inspiration for our spirits, honouring the craftsmanship that existed in the village of Donaghcloney in years gone by. In the heyday of the Linen industry, the village was home to the famous William Liddell & Co Ltd Linen Mill.

The mill was once the largest Irish Linen Jacquard Weaving Mill in Ireland, exporting its award-winning Gold Medal Linens to all four corners of the World and included customers such as The White Star Line and the ill-fated Titanic. The Estate boasted a direct family connection to the mill and the surrounding area during that time.

We aim to emulate the industrial prowess of the past; crafting our spirits with passion, diligence and ingenuity.

We named our still Brünhild, a paramount figure of Germanic legend. Fearless in her approach and Powerful in her actions, we like to think of our still possessing these same qualities as it produces our spirits.
The still is a German crafted 230L Copper Pot Still, handmade in Bavaria to our own specification. It features 2 bubble plates for spirit enrichment and an ‘aRomat’, which is a special piece of engineering which ensures that only the purest and finest spirit is produced.

Jacquard Gin is our first spirit and signature gin from the distillery. Named after the weaving process that was used to manufacture the very highest quality damask cloth in the village and across Ireland.
We macerate the juniper and coriander overnight to release the oils, adding the remaining botanicals before we begin the distillation process. We only use fresh citrus to give a fresh zesty note.
A further nod to the industrial past and to celebrate the products that were produced in the mill, we add Golden Flax seeds, which impart a smoothness to the gin.

Jacquard Gin 44% Alc./Vol 70cl - Contemporary Dry Style Gin. Less juniper forward, smooth and delicate on the palate, with notes of citrus and spice shining through. Floral notes woven into the background combine; to give a fresh finish and a longing complexity - rather moreish.

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