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Blending the very best of contemporary Irish flavour with real distilling heritage, Two Stacks is at the forefront of Ireland’s Whiskey revival. Founded in 2020 by Shane McCarthy, Liam Brogan & Donal McLynn with fresh knowledge and experience in the globalised world of spirits.

Two Stacks was inspired by the traditions of old and contemporary brands of new. Opening one of Ireland’s only independent bonding & blending facilities in 2022, with the ambition to combine these worlds together.

Our unique approach to working with some of Irelands leading distilleries; selecting the finest spirit distilled across the Island allows us to create incredible expressions of whiskey never crafted nor tasted before. We continue to build our reputation on top of three key fundamentals and to help shape the future in Irish whiskey.

Core Collection
Two Stacks – Double Barrel Single Malt 43%: Two Stacks Single Malt Double Barrel is a fruity, nutty delicate Irish single malt whiskey from Two Stacks. It is crafted by the vatting of 3 styles of single malt, 10% peated malt, 50% triple distilled malt, and 40% double distilled malt. The spirit is matured in both ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso sherry casks. The palate offers notes of deep oak spice, wild brambles, sweet blackcurrants, hazelnuts, and toasted walnuts that linger in the finish.
Two Stacks – Double Barrel Single Malt – Dram in a Can 43%: A ready-to-go can of fruity, nutty Irish single malt whiskey from Two Stacks. It is made with a blend of 10% peated malt and 90% unpeated malt and matured in both ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso sherry casks. The palate offers notes of deep oak spice, wild brambles, sweet blackcurrants, hazelnuts, and toasted walnuts that linger in the finish
Two Stacks – The Blenders Cut – Cask Strength: Adopting the same complex behind our First Cut release. The Blenders cut has been left in all its natural beauty. Bottled at cask strength, a whiskey rich in oils and spice with incredible depth. Beautifully balanced for its abv, it has layers of sweet caramel and fig, flickers of campfire smoke, and wood spice. Best described as a muddy whiskey, the heavy oils provide a wonderfully unique drinking experience coupled with a long and unrelenting finish.
Two Stacks – The First Cut 43%: Acquiring its rich, complex yet balanced flavour by liquid drawn from carefully matured & married casks of malt, grain and pot still whiskey, Two Stacks — The First Cut is a truly distinctive Irish Whiskey for contemporary palettes.
Two Stacks – Dram In A Can 43%: When whiskey meets innovation! The Two Stacks — Dram in a Can is the world’s first 43% whiskey in a can, serving the same great flavour profile and focus on the quality spirit as the rest of our blended range. Perfect for on the move, out with friends or even just a solo dram in the great outdoors. 100ml only 22g which is 8x lighter than your conventional miniature bottles, containing a blend of grain, malt and pot stilled whiskeys.
Two Stacks Smoke & Mirrors Peated Stout Cask: Smoke & Mirrors Peated Stout Cask Single Malt is like no other. A combination consisting of 10% double malt and 30% triple peated malt, each matured in ex-bourbon cask and 60% triple distilled malt aged in ex-bourbon, and finished in ex-imperial stout casks. The result is a soft, rich whiskey with sweet notes of smoked chocolate, honey, espresso, and a hint of sea salt. Colour-free and non-chill filtered.

The Polaris Collection
The Polaris Collection is our own unique way in connecting to our loyal followers at home and abroad. As a bi-annual release, it is the only expression sold exclusively from the Two Stacks website. Crafted with great care, and attention to detail with each bottle hand numbered, labelled and wax dipped. We encourage every Polaris collector to open, enjoy and explore the wonders of Two Stacks whiskey.

Limited Releases
Two Stacks – Sauternes Cask: Our unique 5 part blended whiskey packed full of rich oils, soft spice, and mouthcoating texture is given a further 90 days in a 225L French Oak ex-sauternes cask. Be enchanted by drops of honeydew, grape skin, toasted oak, vanilla spice with citrus nut meg, and ginger. A limited-edition cask strength bottling, beautifully served at cask strength.

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