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Founded in 1877, Belfast based W.J. Shaw & Sons Ltd manufacture, pack and distribute a range of confectionery throughout Ireland. W.J. Shaw's are famous for their traditional confectionery products including Clove Rock, Cinnamon Lozenges and Brandy Balls. These are supplemented with a further 40 different bagged lines.

A large range of Children's confectionery is available and merchandised through the "SweetStreet" concept including SweetStreet Kids bags.

The company operates from modern premises in Belfast and offers a distribution service covering the island of Ireland.

–Clove Rock
–Cinnamon Lozenges
–Brandy Balls
–40 various confectionery products supplied in weigh–outs and pre–packed bags
–“SweetStreet” kids pre–packed bags
–Full range of Kids novelty confectionery
–Traditional ‘Weigh Out’ Jars

The company has a distribution service throughout Ireland.

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