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Wilson Salt manufactures and distributes its own range of products and those of leading European suppliers throughout Europe and the UK.

We have been trading as an independent wholesaler, manufacturer, processor and distributor of commercial salt products since 1966.

The company offers best optimised products for each customer's needs and has the largest and most comprehensive range of its own brand and factory packed products available within the UK and Ireland. We focus increasingly on the use of sea salt as a staple raw material due to the low levels of carbon required in its production and operate the only independent salt drying facility within the British Isles.

Wilson Salt remains the only independent manufacturer and processor of salt within the UK and Ireland. We are happy to assist with any salt requirement you might have.

PDV Salt
Solar Salt
Himalayan Salt
Salt Flakes
Salt For Water Softening
De–Icing Salt

Major food processors in the UK
Catering & Hospitality


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  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 18001

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