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Sprotts of Portadown can trace its quality pork production way back to 1880. Today, it's one of a handful of small bacon and ham curing houses still operating in Northern Ireland.

The pork, all raised in Northern Ireland, is hand selected and trimmed before curing and maturing over a number of weeks. Then a slow cooking process, unchanged for decades, brings out the ham's natural flavour and tenderness.

We pride ourselves on modern quality with a traditional taste. It's all in the time and attention we give to the process. Especially the time. Slowing everything down gives time to fully develop the taste and tenderness we're famous for. Our curing recipe and method remains a closely guarded secret. But there's no added water and cooked ham is presented on the counter unadorned as nature intended, with just a simple toasted crumb coating, to be sliced as thick or thin as the customer likes.

Sprotts have a fleet of fully refrigerated vehicles catering to any size of order. We are renowned for our quick, friendly and reliable delivery service time after time.

Sliced Bacon: Sprotts bacon is cured in the traditional way using Sprotts unique recipe. The bacon is allowed to mature before slicing. This enhances both the flavour and texture. A range of product is available in different size packs but our reputation was built by our rind on bacon. Very little water is used in the process and a retention of 3% water is normal.

Traditional Dried Bacon: Using the famous Sprotts recipe hand selected middles are cured and matured in the same way as the sliced bacon. The bacon middles are then transferred to our purpose built drying room where they are dried before chilling and packaging This process gives the bacon an excellent shelf life even when held in ‘air’ conditions and when cooked very little shrinkage or exudate is noticed. Sprotts dried bacon is normally sold in the form of an Ayrshire middle, although some retailers prefer to buy backs and streaks. When presented behind the deli counter in this form the nature and quality of the product catches the eye and the customer can purchase bacon sliced to their own requirements.

Cooked Ham: Pork Legs are hand selected and trimmed before curing in a traditional brine. Our curing and maturing process takes a number of weeks. This together with a slow cooking process unchanged for over 40 years ensures that all Sprotts Cooked Hams have a natural flavour and a tenderness found rarely in these days of modern technology.

Sausages: Sprotts Superior Sausages are produced from trimmings cut daily from our own pigs. Our special blend of seasonings and spices give Sprott’s Sausages their unique flavour and when hand linked in natural casings, look and taste second to none.

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  • BRC Grade A Accreditation

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2017: One Gold Star awarded for Sprotts Traditionally Dried Middle Bacon
  • Great Taste Awards 2013: One Gold Star awarded for Sprotts Traditionally Dried Middle Bacon.

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