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Mussenden Sea salt Co was founded in 2020 by Claire O’Kane. Unable to locate local Northern Ireland Sea Salt, Claire set upon a journey of curiosity to research sea salt and sea salt production. Curiosity quickly turned in to a passion over the 2.5 years of product development when Claire realised that it was simply that no one had produced exclusive Northern Ireland Sea Salt. Claire set about not only producing Northern Ireland’s only sea salt, but to produce a sea salt as ethically and as close to nature as possible.

Claire was born in the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland; she loves the landscape and the land and is passionate about no plastic in packaging. Whilst this makes the product seemingly more expensive, it is a little price to pay for the preservation of our coastal waters and landscapes throughout the world. Especially the outstanding Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland, home of the Mussenden Sea Salt Co.

Mussendun Sea Salt is a pure natural sea salt, harvested by hand from the world-famous Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. The sparkling clean waters of the Atlantic Ocean produce a sea salt, carefully produced using age old traditions, which is strong and pure in taste, yet delicate in texture, to create the a perfect balance of nature.

The Mussenden sea salt is being produced in 110g and 45g glass jars and much larger compostable bags for chefs.

Mussenden Sea Salt

Mussenden Sea Salt with Black garlic

Mussenden Sea Salt with Black garlic and lavender

Mussenden Sea salt with Fennel, lemon and Chilli

Mussenden Za'atar blend

Our seasonings boxes (using compostable and recycled materials)
Dukkah Seasong - An aromatic Egyptian seasoning blend with Almonds

Fennel Seasoning - with Chilli, Lemon

Za'atar Seasoning

Hot and Spicy Seasoning

Masala Seasoning

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