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NearyNogs was founded in 2005 by husband & wife Shane & Dorothy Neary. They set up the business initially to develop handmade chocolates as a fund raising initiative for a charity event. The chocolates proved so popular that they decided to turn it into an artisan business becoming the 1st stoneground bean to bar chocolatier in Northern Ireland.

Shane and Dorothy import small batches of beans from Ecuador for roasting, shelling, cracking and winnowing to produce cocoa nibs. They then grind the nibs by hand to create a paste for use in producing the 100g bars with a cocoa content around 70 per cent, but can increase to 100%.

The artisan business has won widespread acclaim for its single origin chocolate bars handmade from quality beans from Sao Tome, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. It has an extensive portfolio of over 30 handmade soft chocolates with unusual flavours such as lemon & green tea, toasted walnut, mojito, green macha & almond nut buttercup including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan chocolates. The current range includes a 72% Sao Tome in 30g, 40g and 65g bars.

Since launching its e-commerce shop in January 2018 Neary Nogs has seen global sales grow steadily.

Bean to bar stone ground gluten free chocolate
Single–original chocolates from estates in the Dominican Republic & Ecuador

Bean Bar You, Sydney
Cocoa Runners, London
Choco-Dealer, Germany
Fortnum & Mason, London

Awards held

  • Blas na hEireann Awards 2015: Bronze Award for Orange, Basil and Poppyseed Rebel Fudgery.
  • The Mott Green Award from the influential Academy of Chocolate in London: Awarded to NearyNogs in May 21 for its commitment to sustainability, eco packaging and support for cacao farmers and their communities.

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