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Pure Roast Coffee, one of Northern Ireland's leading specialists in private label roast coffee provides a range of bespoke branding and packaging solutions for foodservice and wholesale markets.

Pure Roast Coffee's range includes: coffee beans, ground coffee, easy serve coffee pods, espresso pods, Senseo coffee pods, capsules and a complete range of auxiliary products.

Coffees are roasted in a patented convection coffee roaster called PureRoast as coffees are roasted on a bed of hot air in small batches, each batch of coffee roasted is carefully handled and monitored by computers. The company roasts every batch to order which guarantees that customers enjoy the absolute peak of freshness.

Pure Roast Coffee has flourished in partnership with some of the UK's largest coffee operators and online retailers. In February 2018, Pure Roast announced that the company has partnered with Shenzen-based China Resources to launch the first in a planned network of high-end coffee shops in Shanghai, China.

In April 2018, the company announced that it will be doubling its workforce and boosting its capabilities to accommodate a growing customer base outside Northern Ireland.

Coffee Beans:
Freshly Roasted Gourmet coffee beans 500g – 1kg personally branded with your logo & blend name.
Filter Coffee:
Ground Coffee Sachets from 40g – 190g personally branded with your logo & blend name. Espresso Pods: 44mm Easy Serving Espresso
Individually foil wrapped and personally branded with your logo & blend name Senseo Pods: 62mm Senseo Style
Individually foil wrapped and personally branded with your logo & blend name

Emirates Airline
China Resources


  • British Retail Consortium Grade A accreditation

Awards held

  • Great Taste Awards 2020: Tw Gold Stars for Pure Gusto Swiss Water Decaf & One Gold Star for Pure Gusto Saol Caife City Blend
  • Great Taste Awards 2018: Three Gold Stars for Ethiopian Duromina & One Star awarded each to Signature, Santa Rosa & Colombian Rio Magdalena
  • Great Taste Awards 2017: Two Gold Stars for Pure Gusto Signature & One Gold Star for Pure Gusto Romero
  • Great Taste Awards 2016: One Gold Star for Single Origin Brazil 'Santa Rosa Yeloow Bourbon'
  • Great Taste Awards 2015: Two Gold Stars for Mama Cata & one Gold Star each for Signature & Swiss Water Decaf
  • Great Taste Awards 2014: Two Gold Stars each for Decaf Espresso Beans & Signature

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