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Tempted Irish Craft Cider, a family business founded by Davy and Janet Uprichard is an Irish craft cider championing local produce and technique.

Inspired by Davy's childhood memories making wine as a hobby with his father, Tempted Cider was established in 2009. Davy, a horticulturist by trade, set up a small cidery at the family home and began pressing apples.

This humble hobby kick-started a mission to make the world's most-loved and enjoyed craft cider and now, Tempted Cider is the most-awarded cider in Ireland with five styles in its range and Davy's passion for celebrating local apples poured into every, single drop.

Davy has picked up a National Award every year for each style he has presented. He has now upscaled and moved his cidery to the heartland of Armagh - the Orchard County and this too, is the source of dessert and Bramley apples used to make Tempted Cider. Armagh Bramleys have earned Protected Geographical Indication status by the EU for their unique, sharp, clean taste.

The Uprichards also source special cider apple varieties from Co.Tipperary. Only the best quality Irish apples get the opportunity to be in a bottle of Tempted.

TEMPTED SWEET: Lots of apple juice in the final blend makes this cider perfect for a hot summer’s day. Lower in alcohol, with a pleasing slightly dry finish this cider will quench many a summer thirst.

TEMPTED MEDIUM: This cider has a generous proportion of bittersweet cider at its core. Blended with some dessert apple cider and Tempted’s own apple juice blend, a complete fulfilling cider ensues. Real depth of flavour and long smooth finish make this a cider not to be missed.

TEMPTED DRY: This is where the Tempted journey started. Not being able to get a dry cider that he liked, Davy blended this fruity, fresh and floral cider to suit his own palate. Not bone dry, Tempted Dry delivers a crisp refreshing taste that matches perfectly with food.

TEMPTED STRAWBERRY: This is a blend of sweet cider, apple juice and Davy’s own strawberry wine. It is less alcoholic than the other ciders. Davy achieves this by using large amounts of Tempted’s own blend of apple juice. There is so much apple juice that if you drink a full bottle of Tempted Strawberry Cider you have just drunk one of your 5–a–day!

TEMPTED ELDERFLOWER: Some flavours are meant to go together. We think pairing apples and elderflower is a winning combination. This medium dry cider is very light and fruity with distinctive tones of elderflower. Not overpowering, the elderflower matches beautifully with a light blend of cider to give a feminine touch to a classic drink.

Hotels, restaurants & pubs throughout Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland
Russell's Cellars
Tesco NI
Sainsbury's NI
Distributed in GB via When We Are Giants

Awards held

  • Blas na hEireann Awards 2019: Silver award for Tempted Medium Dry Cider and Bronze award for Tempted Sweet
  • Great Taste Awards 2019: One Gold Star each for Tempted Irish Cider Dry & Hard Yard Cider
  • Dublin Craft Cider Cup 2019: Winner awarded to Tempted Strawberry
  • International Cider Challenge 2018: Trophy for Tempted Irish Cider Dry
  • CiderWorld Fair 2018 Frankfurt: Gold medal for Tempted Elderflower Cider in the 'Flavoured Cider' category
  • Great Taste Awards 2017: Three Gold Stars for Tempted Elderflower Cider & One Gold Star for Tempted Medium Dry Cider
  • British Cider Championships 2017: Gold for Tempted Strawberry Cider in the 'Flavoured Cider' category
  • All Ireland Craft Beer Championship organised by Beoir 2017: Winner of the Champion Cider competition & Best in Category for Tempted Dry Cider; Best Fruited Cider for Tempted Elderflower & 2nd place in Non Dry category for Tempted Sweet
  • International Brewing & Cider Awards 2017: Silver medal for Tempted Medium Dry and Elderflower ciders
  • Alltech Craft Beer & Cider Awards 2017: Silver medal for Elderflower Cider and Bronze medal for Tempted Medium Dry Cider
  • Blas na hEireann Awards 2016: Silver Award for our Tempted Elderflower Cider
  • Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards 2015: Cider Category winner for Tempted Strawberry Cider
  • Blas na hEireann Awards 2015: Gold Award for our Tempted Sweet Cider.
  • Irish Quality Food Awards 2014: Cider Category winner for Tempted? Summer Sweet Cider
  • Blas na hÉireann 2014: Gold award for Tempted? Special Reserve Cider
  • Blas na hÉireann 2013: Gold award for Tempted Sweet Cider and Bronze award for Tempted Strawberry Cider
  • Inaugural Cider Ireland Craft Cider Competition 2013:Winner of Dry Cider Class for Tempted? Dry Cider and Highly commended Medium Dry Cider Class for Tempted? Special Reserve Cider

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